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Accessing Your GuitarZoom Toolbox Dashboard on Mobile Devices (iOS/Android)



Here's how to access your free Tool Box from the member website with a mobile browser on an iPhone/iPad or an Android  device:


1) On your mobile browser (Chrome, Mozilla, Safari), please type on the address bar the link for GuitarZoom's member website,



2) Tap on the three-line icon on the upper right corner of the page.




3) A drop-down menu then appears. Please tap on Sign-in.



4) Sign-in with either your social media accounts (Facebook or Google Account) or your username/email address and password.



5) Inside your account dashboard, make sure you tap on the Tool Box icon at the bottom part of your screen.



Alternatively, you can tap the three-line icon on the upper right side of the screen to show the drop-down menu.



Then, tap on the Toolbox navigation menu to access your Toolbox dashboard.



You can also click here too to directly access your Toolbox Dashboard or type in this link on your browser's address bar -


Here's a short video on how your free Toolbox dashboard looks like -


Need more assistance? Please feel free to  mceclip4.png
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