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How Do I Cancel My Purchased Course?


So, you want to cancel your online course. What are you crazy? Just kidding. Ok, no problem. All you need to do is contact our Support Agents to process the course cancellation for you.

STEP 1: Make sure that you are within the guarantee period. With few exceptions, this is usually 60-90 days from the day your ordered. Please check your receipt or invoice for the date that you had ordered. 

STEP 2: IMPORTANT! In order for you to receive credit, you must include your complete contact info:

  • First and Last name of the person who paid for the course
  • Email Address - this is the email address that you used when ordering or your PayPal email if you paid through PayPal
  • Telephone number with area code
  • Order number (if you have it handy)
  • Reason for cancelling your course

STEP 3: Please indicate if you would like to a refund or an exchange. You can always EXCHANGE your course for another one that you think will help you accomplish your goals better.

STEP 4: Once we have verified that you are indeed within the guarantee period, we will promptly issue you a refund or exchange the course, as you request. Please note that finance charges (for orders under payment plans) are non-refundable.  

For more questions, please send us a ticket.



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